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Merekarp is a 60 m2 mini house, so close to the sea, that everything you see around is the sea! Merekarp means seashell in the Estonian language. It's a perfect name for a house like no other! All the sea lovers are like pears to us, they know how special feeling it is to live so near to the sea, listen to the voices of the waves and feel the presence and power of the water! The art you can see from our terrace is different every day, amazingly beautiful sunset paintings by the famous Mother Earth, rainy sea, foggy morning or windy storm.

Hello People! My name is Terje Talpsepp! The primary job where I put my everyday energy is Valhalla Living, which is my home decor brand. But as you can assume, I'm also a huge sea lover and particularly keen on decorating the rooms inside and out. 

So, here is my second baby brand, Merekarp. It's a small boutique residence for rent. I'm the one who decorated it. Together with my partner, I redesigned the interior spaces, remodeled them to a pleasant getaway place where to spend a night, enjoy the sunsets or rainbows! Before the reborn, it was a container studio for my brand. It's a house with wheels, it can be moved from one place to another and it's built like a big container house. But you can't see the wheels, they are hidden above the terrace.

The spot is spectacular, the house is very near to the sea, a few meters max, so you can hear the waves and feel the presence of water! I love to spend my time here too, it's a unique place with a sunny day or with a rainy morning! If you need a unique spot to stay or celebrate special days, this is it! And you just must admire the seaside and water! 

I love to say that I have applied all the styles and elements in various countries I have visited. You will find the patterns from my own Valhalla Living brand and you will find items from Bali, Mexico, Portugal, Japan, Estonia of course, Finland, Italy, Denmark, etc. There are so many aspects of different cultural and design life that, I believe, can and should be adopted.  

In this place, I want to feel that it's the temple of empty mind, the place of no land. In Japan, there is the zen circle: ENSO. This means emptiness and the universe. In order to understand the universe, people must empty their minds. You are very welcome to Merekarp!

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